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News on Ideamensch

Why waste time making avoidable mistakes when you can have the guidance of those who have already made them? The world was built through mentorship. When Don (DJ) Siclari was a child, there were four things he wanted to be when he grew up: a priest, a warrior, a doctor, and a businessman. When DJ was in high school and college, he was quite busy with extracurricular activities, causing his girlfriend at the time to remark that he was [...]

Fifty thousand dollars and a cruise.

That’s the grand vision I had as a college student when I founded my company, InChek. I was listening to a lot of resources from Brian Tracy, a well-known authority on the development of human potential and personal effectiveness. He advised young entrepreneurs to envision how much money they wanted to make each year. At the time, I only had $250 to my name, allowing me to buy my first fax machine for $99 on clearance. An annual income of $50,000 seemed unfathomably [...]

InChek: From Self-Help Tapes To Multi-Million Dollar Company

Mixergy Interview How does a student who listens to a self-help tape end up building a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR COMPANY? When he was 19, Don Siclari heard a tape that told him to write down what he wanted to earn. He wrote down what he thought was a really high number, $50,000. Turns out it sensitized him to what he wanted out of life and set him on the right path. Today, Don is the founder and head of InChek, [...]